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Matzke Diesel has teamed up with FSX to bring our customers the world's most advanced DPF cleaning system. This means we are able to remove, on average, 95% of the ash and soot that frequently clogs filters. With a 24-hour turn around time, our customers can be back on the road faster.


We bench test the filter to determine the level of restriction. With patented Air Knife Scanning Technology, we scan the entire surface of the filter multiple times, and using compressed air, individually clean each cell for maximum results.


Additionally, we offer a thermal cleaning process to incinerate and loosen greater quantities of ash and other contaminants to extend the life of the filter.

We offer...

  • Pneumatic DPF Cleaning

  • Thermal DPF Cleaning

  • DPF Exchange Services

  • Aftertreatment Diagnostics

  • DPF Maintenance Schedules

Complete Emissons System Maintenance Package
  • Thermal DPF Processing

  • Pneumatic DPF Cleaning

  • Doser/7th Injector Cleaning

  • Stationary Forced Regen/SCR Performance Check

  • DEF Specfic Gravity Test

  • EGR Sensor Cleaning 

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